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    Our work passes the most critical inspection.

Factorytalk: Experts in making offshoring and insourcing work

Factorytalk, with locations across the heart of South East Asia, lies at the epicenter of the regions massive work pool of highly educated and motivated technology resources.

We live to the mantra that our technical experts and consultants are responsible not only for our client's reputations and projects but to end-users health and safety.

When embedded in our client's organizations our goal is not just to achieve project success but to enhance and boost your performance during the times of highest volume and pressure.

In distributing your work efforts to our dedicated and trusted resources we provide results that surpass your benchmarks for quality and throughput, this responsibility we relish and offer to our valued and long term clients and partner organistations:

Platform Management
We are widely experienced in the setup and management of entire regional operations.

Validation Management
Our experts lead and manage complete turnkey projects on your behalf.

Test Management
Our Test teams provide complete end-to-end services for the leading providers of GxP software.

Technical Support
We ensure your systems and technologies are operational, available and perform at the highest level.


Labour cost, is of course a key consideration and driver behind the insourcing/offshoring of work and processes. Over the last decade the traditional outsourcing centres are becoming rapidy subject to steeper increases in labour cost and are heading above the regional average (see chart below).

Over the same period there is rising awareness of problems related to high turnover, Intellectual Property and constantly losing valuable trained team members. Such hidden costs and risks have created a harsh reality for outsourcing in the regulated industries where failure to meet project deadlines and expectations is not acceptable.

Typical issues seen with insourcing/offshoring are with achieving the required quality standards, timely and clear communications and reliable and capable project management. Such failures may lead to costly re-work, increased product inspections and extra compliance overheads that were never calculated and may ultimately outweigh the originally perceived savings in costs and headcount.

Factorytalk's dedicated teams provide long term, expert offshore support at consistent and competitive rates. For the most complex and critical of projects then look no further.

Relative labor costs across the Asian region


Source : EIU




Other areas of expertise:

Technology Solutions: We provide up-front consulting, project management, design, implementation and support services for the leading products to the regulated industries to optimize compliance, quality and production processes.

Compliance Sevices: Factorytalk specializes in helping pharmaceutical firms establish efficient, cost effective quality systems that will pass inspection and produce high quality products

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