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HR Privacy Policy
Factorytalk Group Companies

 Factorytalk Group Companies (Factorytalk Co., Ltd, Factorytalk Technical Services Co., Ltd., Factorytalk Business Services Co., Ltd., BatchLine Co., Ltd., Factorytalk Limited UK), hereafter referred to the “Factorytalk Group”, “the Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our” take protection of personal data for Data subject (hereafter referred to the “Employees”, “Job applicants”, “Candidates”, “you”, or “your”). This HR Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, or disclose your personal data following the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.2562 (“PDPA”) and the relevant law.

We reserve the right to modify this HR Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes to this HR Privacy Policy will become effective when we revise in our website, electronic Quality System, and internally announce. We will provide the additional notice of any significant updates. In case any modification deprives your right of Sensitive data in relation to this HR Privacy Policy, the Company will first obtain your consent, except as otherwise permitted by law.

  1.  The Personal data we collect
    As part of recruiting procedures and employments, we may collect or obtain the following types of information which may include your personal data during recruiting and employment, either submitted as part of the online application and/or through alternative channels (e.g. job advert, company’s website and professional recruiting firm, Social Media, Job fair, Networking events, etc.). We may also collect your personal data from other sources or through our affiliates, other companies, or business partners.
    The personal data means any information about an individual from which the person can be identified. We may collect many types of personal data depending on the purpose of processing such data which include personal data as follows:

    1.1 Identity and personal information:
    Such as First name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, age, gender, marital status, height, weight, interests, opinions, ability, photography, motion picture, audio, information about military obligations, information about habits, behaviors, attitudes, aptitude, skills, documents that can be used to identity you or issued by the government agencies (e.g. national identification card, passport, work permit, driving license, car registration book), signature;

    1.2 Contact information:
    Such as Address, household registration, telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, Social media account, and include other similar information;

    1.3 Third party/reference information:
    Such as Spouse, Family member, Emergency contact by recording Name, Surname, Relationship, Telephone number, Mobile phone number, and others as necessary

    If you provide Personal Data about family members, references and/or other dependents, it is your responsibility to inform them of their rights with respect to the contents as applicable to them. You are also responsible for obtaining any required consent from them, and ensuring that you have the right to provide their personal information to us;

    1.4 Information about recruitment obtained from the application and selection process:
    Such as Information in resume or curriculum vitae (CV) such as working experience and previous employment (including position, department and title history and salary and benefits from previous employment), your education history, training history, certificates and qualifications, job application form, job interview;

    1.5 Financial data or information regarding payment to employees:
    Such as Information about wage, salary, income, tax, provident fund, bank account, loans, tax deductions or exemptions;

    1.6 Information about working:
    Such as Information about working locations, time attendance records, duration of work, overtime, absence, leaves, working experience, position, meeting attendance, opinions, voting, signing, information in case you are appointed as a director or a shareholder of our company, information necessary for reporting , compliance with laws or regulatory agencies;

    1.7 Information about human resources management and internal audit:
    Such as Information regarding recruiting process, benefits, welfare, social security and benefits that employees receive or are entitled to receive in accordance with the regulations and personnel management regulations of the company, information about family members or those in the care of employees who are eligible to receive benefits in accordance with the regulations and personnel administration of the company, information about using our IT system including any equipment and information gathering from participation in our activities;

    1.8 Sensitive data means the personal data classified by law as sensitive data. We will only collect, use, or disclose Sensitive Data, if we have received your explicit consent or as permitted by law.
    Such as health information, biometric information, religious, ethnic religious belief, philosophy, race, nationality, disability, information about criminal records;

    1.9 Other information:
    Such as Information necessary for investigating conflicts of interest, information regarding whistleblowing, complaints, and disciplinary investigations, information collected from your participation in our activities as well as your responses in surveys and assessments, information that you choose to share and disclose through our application systems, tools, questionnaires, assessments, various documents, and our services.

  2.  The purposes of data collecting and process your personal data:
    We will collect, use, or disclose your personal data under the following legal basis and circumstances, where:

    2.1 It is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or in order to take steps at the request of you prior to entering into a contract, for example, our recruitment process, qualification verification, selection before becoming our employees, your employment contract including related agreement, any proceeding employment contract, assigning of works or duties, secondment, training, or any activities, performance appraisal, consideration of positions, staff transfer, compensation, welfares, providing security measures including compliance with the rules and regulations of our personnel management.

    2.2 It is necessary for compliance with a law to which the data controller is subjected e.g. labor law, laws relating to doing business, taxation law, and the relevant law.

    2.3 It is necessary for legitimate interests of the Data Controller or any other persons or juristic persons other than Data Controller, for example, analysis and creation of database, management and improvement of the recruitment and employee selection process, preparing employment contract, human resource management, providing welfares, financial and budget management, providing facilities and the proper working environment, management of employees after termination or retirement, internal contact and communication with third parties including government agencies, providing security measures both in physical and IT system, internal audit, handling of complaints and fraud, or disputes.

    2.4 It is for preventing or suppressing a danger to a person’s life, body or health for instance, to prevent epidemic, to provide first aid, or to make contact in case of emergency.

    2.5 It is necessary for the establishment, compliance, exercise or defense of legal claims.

    2.6 It is required by law to obtain your explicit consent under PDPA;

    • Medical information about serious ill, chronic disease, disability: in order to provide work capability assessment, appropriate management compliance with relevant laws.
    • Biometric data e.g. fingerprint
    • Your religious belief, philosophy, race, nationality, disability, genetic data for verification purposes and welfare allocation (e.g. food preparation, provision of religious holiday, and workforce planning)

 2.7 In case, it is necessary for us to collect, use, or disclose your personal data in order to perform contract or comply with law, but you do not give such personal data to us. As a result, we may not be able to perform contract or follow your request or violate the laws or having other negative impacts.

  1. Changes in the purpose of processing your personal data
    We will process your personal data within the purposes stated in this HR Privacy Policy. If it is necessary to process your personal data for purposes other than stated in this HR Privacy Policy, we will immediately notify you.
  1. Consent and withdrawal of consent
    In case, it is necessary for us to collect, use, or process your personal data and it is required to obtain your explicit consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This withdrawal shall not impact to the processing of personal data which has been obtained with your explicit consent to collect, use, or disclose.
  1. How we collect your personal data
    We will collect your personal data directly from you through our job application website or system. We may also collect your personal data from recruitment services, your ex-employer, or governmental officer which we will notify you of such collection in this HR Privacy Policy.

    In addition, we will collect your personal data through activities regarding employment during the time you have worked with us.

  1. Disclosure or data transfer of your personal data
    Factorytalk Group may disclose or transfer your personal data to the following third parties who collect, use, or disclose in accordance with the purposes under HR Privacy Policy. These third parties may be located in Thailand and areas outside Thailand.
    • Affiliated companies within Factorytalk Group
    • Our service providers, customers, and business partners; we may also transfer or allow access to your personal data to third party suppliers, business partners and service providers including, but not limited to Recruitment firms and outsourced HR consultants.
    • Other third parties required by law: In certain circumstances, we may be required to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation. This includes any law enforcement agency, court, regulator, government authority or other third party where we believe it is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, or otherwise to protect our rights, the rights of any third party or individuals’ personal safety, or to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security, or safety issues (e.g. the Royal Thai Police and the Ministry of Labor).
  1. Security of your personal data
    We have appropriate security measures to protect your personal data from loss, unauthorized access and use, and unauthorized disclose, change, or destruction. We will have access control only for employees, contractors, representatives, third parties who need to know and perform their duty. If there is any third party processing of your personal data, we will control such third party to process your personal data within our instruction appropriately following the IT security policies and guidelines of the company.
  1. Retention of keeping your personal data
    We will retain your personal data and information about your family or related persons for the period necessary to meet the objection under this HR Privacy Policy. The retention period will depend on the necessity of performance of contracts between us, the necessity of compliance with a legal obligation, or prescriptive period for establishment, compliance, exercise or defense of legal claims.

    We will delete or destroy your personal data when the retention period expires or when it becomes irrelevant or unnecessary for the purpose of collecting that personal data.

  1. Your rights as a Data subject
    You have the rights as a data subject under PDPA as follows:
    1. Withdraw the consent you have given to us;
    2. Request to view, copy your personal data, or disclose the source where we obtain your personal data;
    3. Send or transfer personal data that is in an electronic form as required by personal data protection laws to other data controllers;
    4. Object the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information;
    5. Delete, destroy, or make your personal data non-personally identifiable (anonymous) information;
    6. Suspend the use of your personal data;
    7. Correct your personal information to be current, complete, and not cause misunderstanding
    8. Complain to the Personal Data Protection Committee in the event that we, our data processors, our employees, or our contractors violate or do not comply with PDPA laws.

You can exercise the rights to do as above in writing through the contact information in section 10, or you can contact us directly via such contact information. We will operate and inform within 30 days or not over the period of time as permitted by law.

  1. Our Contact Details
    In case you have any questions about processing your personal data, you may contact us at:


Factorytalk Co., Ltd.
Liberty Square Building, 12th floor, Room 1204, 287 Silom Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel. +66 2630 4525 (Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 17.00 hrs. except public holidays)