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ISPE Malaysia Webinar: Controlling DI Risks With GMP Manufacturing Software

Speaker: Mr. David Margetts, CEO

Synopsis: Many DI risks inherent to manual based GMP manufacturing can be controlled using software, tools can be used to control risks and even eliminate some altogether. They also can automate and remove much of the manual work normally required when checking. Even considering this efficiency benefit most companies still struggle to justify purchasing these tools, as many experienced pharma pro’s will tell you they are simply too expensive for most companies.

This webinar will demonstrate to participants how to identify and control common risks to manufacturing DI, by applying the latest risk-based thinking to typical GMP scenarios, and using modern (and considerably cheaper) software tools to control and automate quality work. This can often involve breaking the traditional ISA-95 “level’s” based thinking in search of a more practical and pragmatic approach, focusing the right tools in the right place.

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