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Electronic Batch Record System (eBR)​

Turning your paper batch record into a smart electronic workflow

Why should you switch to EBR?

Manufacturers commonly face challenges such as data integrity and GMP compliance issues when relying on a paper-based system. Switching to electronic batch records allows them to unblock bottlenecks which slow down batch review and release time. It also turns static records into searchable data, required for process improvement and visibility across production and quality to better manage operations.  

Digital GxP Batch Record

What is BatchLine - Lite MES?

BatchLine is a compact and robust cloud-based digital Batch Record system built on modern web technology. The software will help reduce your time and effort in producing, reviewing, and approving your batch records, and leverages rapid deployment and validation techniques enabling faster implementation while meeting compliance requirements for GMP/FDA regulated companies. It comes with powerful process management and execution tools with scalable architecture. With flexible pricing options, it will meet the requirements and budgets of any pharmaceutical manufacturer from medium to large sizes.

Secured cloud hosted  ·   Low upfront cost  ·  GMP ready software

Digitise GxP production in weeks
​ with our innovative batch record app ​

Which industry does BatchLine - Lite MES fit?

Life-science and GxP-regulated industries

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Cell & Gene

Food & Beverage


Traditional Medicines


BatchLine Features

Smart and efficient Electronic Batch Record for GMP regulated products

  • BatchLine is developed to digitalize production. It is a powerful and simple to use tool.  
  • Designed in compliance with CFR Part 11, Annex 11, PIC/S GMP, EU & US FDA Data Integrity Guidelines.  
  • Cloud SaaS, Private Cloud, & On-premise deployment options 
  • Right-First-Time and Review-By-Exception 
  • Real-time reporting and analytics dashboard for overall factory productivity and compliance 
  • Automated and controlled environment  
  • Exceptions handling, change controls and audit trails 

Benefits of BatchLine

  • Automatic Generation of Final Batch Report
  • Review By Exception, less time spent on the QA process
  • Automatic data completeness check
  • Data entry checked against specification on input
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Reduce compliance and operating costs  manufacturing products in a consistent and compliant manner
  • Massive reduction in paper costs, printing, processing, and storage
  • Instant Search - No Time Spent Looking
  • Huge reduction in operational errors
  • Automated sequence control of manufacturing process into correct steps
  • Automatic data completeness check
  • Fewer data entries creates fewer errors
  • Automatically improve Data Integrity through audit trials and sequence control.
  • Only approved batch spec can be used for execution

What BatchLine's customers say

Turnkey EBR solution with BatchLine

BatchLine offers full turnkey service for your EBR implementation and transition from paper to electronic system from the get-go to go live to ensure fast EBR implementation

Tailored solutions to suit your requirements ​

Cloud environment setup and configuration ​

Computerised system validation with validation training and workshop ​

Specifications design, optimisation, consultation and training

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