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Serialization & Aggregation

Complete Track & Trace solutions for a full traceability

Track and Trace

Serialisation & Aggregration

As more national drug agencies enforce medicines being Serialised, Tracked and Traced throughout the supply chain, companies across SE Asia are reacting in order to continue selling into existing markets and to access new ones. The objectives and benefits of preventing counterfeit drugs reaching patients, protecting company brands, and providing better overall supply chain visibility are important to achieve and valuable to all parties’ long term. However, compared to other industries the requirements for product identification are stricter in pharmaceuticals. Companies need to train their people and prepare operations with systems and automation equipment needed to meet these regulations with minimal impact to efficiency (and their bottom line).

Factorytalk is an exclusive Asia partner for  b+b Automations for SE Asia since 2018.  b+b Trace is b+b Automation’s product range for serialization, and track and trace, offering everything from simple low cost manual solutions to fully automated labelling systems with integrated end-to-end track & trace software.

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Serialization & aggregation

Systems for the pharmaceutical industry require quality printing, cameras, and control systems since the products and their labels must remain traceable via their serial numbers and data matrix codes verifiable throughout the supply chain steps.

b + b offers different serialization devices to fit varied batch sizes and package types. For flat or unfolded folding boxes, b + b provides both manual & automatic serialization devices, which are suitable for small to large-batch serialization.

  • Equipped with touch panel HMI
  • Compliance with Audit Trail (FDA requirement 21 CFR Part 11)

Reliable Labeling and Serialisation solutions for global serialization requirements

Serialization Solution

All systems are provided with a sensibly dimensioned touch panel HMI, which of course fulfills the FDA requirement 21 CFR Part 11 (Audit Trail).

Manual Coding of folding boxes

Manual Serialization of folding boxes

Inline Serialization of folding boxes

Serialization in- | offline

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