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Serialization & Aggregation

Complete Track & Trace solutions for a full traceability

Track and Trace

Serialisation & Aggregration

The global pharmaceutical industry is moving towards a serialised world. Increasing threats to patient safety from counterfeited and diverted pharmaceuticals are driving the regulatory activity. In over 40 countries, regulatory mandates to secure the supply chain are already in place or in development.

Factorytalk is an exclusive Asia partner for b+b Automation’s in 2018.  b+b is a world-class German engineering and offer a comprehensive service for serialisation project. b+b offers everything from fully automated labeling systems to secure track & trace solutions that meet industry-specific standards and are not only technically advanced but also highly cost-effective.

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Comprehensive labeling and serialization solutions

We provide you with the solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether you are a contract manufacturer (CMO) or a brand owner.

Reliable Labeling and Serialisation solutions for global serialization requirements

Labeling machines

The demands on the pharmaceutical industry are higher than in any other industry. Serialization , aggregation and tamper-evident labeling are becoming increasingly important. Correct labeling of drugs is the basis for compliance with serialization and aggregation requirements.

Manual labeling machines

Designed for the quick and precise labeling of small batches. The M-TE series offers cost-effective solutions for

  • Tamper-evident labeling
  • Seal labeling
  • Top and bottom labeling

Semi-automatic labeling machines

Developed for labeling small to medium-sized batches. They can be used flexibly in semi-automatic or manual production. The conversion of a semi-automatic labeling system from b+b to a fully automatic labeling system is possible at any time.

Fully automatic labeling machines

Use in automated production lines with high production volumes. An integration into existing production lines - both hardware and software - should be possible. If a high cycle rate of the production line is required, fully automated labeling of the products and packaging is necessary. Fully automatic labeling systems are less personnel-intensive.

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- Exhibition machines
- Demonstration devices
- Used equipment

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