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Keynotes from panel discussion on Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) in Thailand  

Factorytalk organized a compelling roundtable discussion centered on Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) in Thailand on 17 January 2024. This event invited industry leaders to bring together a cross-section of the Thai CGT community in its early stage, and to gather inputs on what is required for Thailand to be successful in the medium and long term as a center to supply Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMP’s). We are pleased to present a summary of the key findings and interesting takeaways from the panel discussion on Enablers & Opportunities for Thailand in the CGT landscape, relevant to CGT stakeholders including academia, regulators, healthcare providers, suppliers, and Thai pharma professionals. 

Panel Discussion Highlights: 

The panel discussion featured panelists: 

  • Dr. Shin Kawamata, CEO – Cyto-Facto, Inc. (Japan) 
  • Kittipong Uaesoontrachoon, Chief Scientific Officer – Genepeutic Bio Co., Ltd. 
  • Pharon Pawa, Chief Production Officer – Austrianova (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

1. How Thailand can compete in Cell and Gene – Government policy and business infrastructure, notes on the panel discussion. 

Discussion Points: 

  • Weaknesses for Thailand to address in the area of CGT 
  • Key CGT Enablers for Thailand 
  • Opportunities for Better Collaboration 


2. Emerging investment areas for CGT  

Discussion points on  

  • Challenges in investment 
  • Investment areas 

To delve deeper into the insights shared during the discussion, fill out the form below to download the document and explore the comprehensive summary of the panel discussion. 

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